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Meet Geno Meowkin

Jaci Towarnicki Lafayette, LA

Geno Meowkin is a year old and was named after the Pittsburgh Penguins star forward Evgeni "Geno" Malkin.  He was rescued from life as a stray when his rescuer found out a nasty man was going to take a baseball bat to him and kill him to keep him away from his kids.  Now he's tightly wrapped himself around my husband and my finger.  He may be a normal cat to most people, but to his Momma and Daddy he is Super Geno!

1 year old
Bubba Geno, Genie PooPoo, Genopolis, Bubba Wabba Doodle All The Day
His Georgie dinosaur, freeze dried shrimp treats, bonito, his foam cooler bed, roast beef, snuggling under the blanket with Momma and Daddy
Vacuum beast, thunder, car rides, the vet, liver treats
Favorite Foods
Hills Science Diet Hairball Control Light
Favorite Pastimes
sitting on the keyboard while Momma is on the computer, napping on his "air mattress" of plastic grocery bags, napping in his foam cooler, using his kitty tunnel to ambush those who walk by

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