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Meet Gizmo A.K.A Gizzy

The Siberian
Ann Beaverton Mi

Meet Gizmo!Resuced by my loving owners who found me and my siblings in a box at a unattened house! Lucky for me they found us when they did, my adorable face won them over and they decided to keep me and found a rescue to take in the rest of my family! I have many silly quirks one being I drool... but only for my Mom she knows the best way to pet me :0) I love rounding up all my toys and storing them in my water dish! Also I rarely meow,I guess the cats really got my tounge! Vote Gizzy!

1 1/2
milk rings, hair ties, and playing in the water dish
Hope our Blooodhound when he sniffs just a little too close!
Favorite Foods
Favorite Pastimes
playing under the sheets in bed.... I dare you to try and make a bed without me!

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