Weekly Winner

Meet Grace

The Tortoiseshell
Amber Mostoller Seven Hills, OH

Hi! My name is Grace and I have mild cerebellar hypoplasia, which is an underdevelopment of the cerebellum in the brain. Not a big deal, it just makes me a little wobbly! I also have vision troubles, but I don't get those get me down either. I was found wandering the streets in Wyandotte, MI last August and when my mama saw me posted online looking for a home, she drove from OH to MI to rescue me. I'm a happy, fun loving kitty!

Grace Face, Baby Girl
Turbo chaser ball tracks, strings and catnip
Favorite Foods
Pure Bites shrimpies, Dreamies and Bilanx treats.
Favorite Pastimes
The day mama brought me home from the shelter and the first time was was strong enough to jump!

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