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Meet Guido the Italian Kitty

The Registered Rescue
Judi Basolo San Francisco

Catzowey! Life is meowvalous and I loves going to work. Yep, I'm a cat with a job, doing Animal Assisted Therapy work and I never ever catnaps or snoozes on the job! I work with persons that got Mental & Physical disabilities, like Autism and Downe Syndrome - theyza my furiends and I visits them every 3 weeks at The ARC of San Francisco for 5 meowvalous years now. Hey the pay is great: all the purrs I can get! Being a cat with a job is Catzowey for sure!

6 years young
Going to my job at The ARC of San Francisco
When my San Fran cable car is late to take me to my job!
Favorite Foods
Pasghetti & Meatballs - hey I'ma EyeTailYun
Favorite Pastimes

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