Weekly Winner

Meet Harley

The Siamese Mutt
Sharon Battocletti Cleveland

Harley is a very loving cat. He's never met anyone are any dog he didn't like. We travel full time in a motor home. And he loves it, he walks on a leash, with our dogs. I got him from the Cottonville HS in Missouri. I told my husband that when our last cat passed that I was going to a HS and get a Siamese Mutt Blue Point. He told me fat change of the that happening. While it did. So I tell every one that our Harley is a God Send Kitty.

6 going on 7 June 26th
Dogs, People, loves to be loved on
Doesn't like loud noises
Favorite Foods
Beyond Chicken Loves Chicken
Favorite Pastimes
Playing with our Border Collie Bommer

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