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Meet Harvey Mad Cat

The Mixed
Nichole Woodman St. John's, NL

Harvey is a rescue cat who is approximately 8 months old. He was found in the woods just outside of St. John's. When he was found, his left eye was punctured and swollen to about the size of a golf ball; He could no longer see from that eye and he was in quite a lot of discomfort. I adopted him from a rescue organization right after his eye was removed at 8 weeks. Harvey lives with me (his human guardian/servant) and my two rescue dogs. He now spends his days eating the best food that money can buy and sleeping on my egyptian cotton bed sheets. I was never much of a cat person before I met Harvey, but he is the sweetest, gentlest and quirkiest little guy, which makes him pretty much impossible not to love.

8 months
Harv, Tiny Kitten
Stealing straws from drinks and surprise attacking feet
Empty food bowls and bath time
Favorite Foods
Dog Food
Favorite Pastimes
Cuddling, chasing and exploring

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