Weekly Winner

Meet Izzy

The Tabby coloring
Janelle Peabody Murfreesboro, TN

I would have loved to have seen how she made her way into the vase!

We don't have lots of family and friends to vote for our dear Izzy, so please vote for her. She is the most loving cat I have ever seen.

She is my "hero" cat because she has helped me get through unimaginable hurt and trauma! (Mainly severe depression and suicide of my son).  She deserves it!  I love her so much!

3 months
Izzy Dizzy
Afraid of so many people, but so sweet! Her sister bullies her and it breaks my heart, so I give her a little extra loving.
Favorite Foods
Frozen yogurt
Favorite Pastimes
Sleeping on my legs, making biscuits

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