Weekly Winner

Meet Jameson Zane

The Domestic shorthair
Beth Hill Kenosha

I'm what they call a "special needs" kitty because I was born with no tail and Spina Bifida.  I wear a diaper because I can't tell when I need to use the litter, and the onesie keeps my diaper on me!  I have a big wardrobe! I want to teach humans that special kitties are worth adopting!  My mom says I'm one of the things that ever happened to her! 

9 months
"Jame Jame", "JZ"
Toy mousies!!
Being woken up for a diaper change
Favorite Foods
Taste of the Wild and Evo...a bit of chicken
Favorite Pastimes
Snuggling with mom, looking out the window, playing mousiehunt

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