Weekly Winner

Meet Johnny

The Black Cat
Tricia/Cole Wisconsin
We rescued this sweet black kitty from a parking lot given away for free just before Halloween this year. Which could have been bad since hes a black cat and they have the sterotypes. Johnny is an amazing, funny, sweet cuddly kitten and he's helping me through my medical conditions at the moment. I was really down before I got him. I want to spread the word that black cats are just as amazing as any other cat.
4 months
Johnny Boy, Woof Boy
Cuddling, water, vaccume, car rides, all toys, our other cat, our dog, laying in the sun, watching me to dishes, sleeping on top of my head, being held
Nothing seriously nothing
Favorite Foods
Chicken and steak
Favorite Pastimes
Flying around the house like a nut and wrestling with our other cat

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