Weekly Winner

Meet Jordan Catalano

The Tabby
Heather Robertson Los Angeles

Jordan Catalano was named after Jared Leto's character on "My So-Called Life." Like his namesake, he has beautiful eyes and makes everyone swoon! 

He's a little over a year old. I rescued him last year when he wandered into my friend's yard.

He's the friendliest cat I've ever met. He purrs constantly and will immediately jump into strangers' laps to cuddle. 

His favorite toys

1.5 years
Jordan, JoJo, Little Jo
Being Pet and Held, Chin Scratches, Hair Elastics, Ice Cubes, "Mousey," Buffy, Aluminum Cans, Boxes, His Family and Friends
Sounds of the Vacuum and Sliding Door and Being Alone.
Favorite Foods
Fishy foods. He eats Halo and sometimes Acana.
Favorite Pastimes
Vocalizing, Splashing his Water Bowl, Watching Birds, Watching the Washing Machine, Getting in the Fridge, Playing, Sleeping in the Sun, Standing in the Window

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