Weekly Winner

Meet Josie

The Ragdoll
Kelly Marschall-Collins Belle Plaine, MN

Josie is a 6 year old rescued lilac bi-color, mitted Ragdoll.  I adopted her when she was 2  1/2 years old and tipping the scale at 23 lbs!  Her previous owner gave her up when he didn't have the time for her and didn't know how to take care of an obese cat.  She has been on a diet and is down 5 lbs. and has another 4-5 to go.  She is the first cat that has ever owned me and she is the love of my life!

sleeping, snuggling, cat-nip
when my canine sister wants to snuggle with me, when mom puts my harness on and makes me go for a waddle
Favorite Foods
salmon, cheese, yogert
Favorite Pastimes
chattering at the birds outside

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