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Meet Justin Fire Survivor

Kelley Peters New Jersey

I was only a one month old kitten when a  human brutally and intentionally doused me in an accelerant and SET ME ON FIRE.  I suffered 2nd and 3rd degree burns over the majority of my little body. I laid helpless and hurting on the cold, dirty street, as people walked by me and my charred body like I was garbage... until a good samaratin stopped and saved me.  Through compassionate doctors, nurses, rescue organizations, and people around the world, I survived and made a triumphant recovery!  Life is a series of choices.  And every day, no matter how hard, how painful, I chose to live. Now, I make every day a day worth living! ....  Don't let the world change your smile.  Let your smile change the world.  

4 1/2 mos
Jman, Jbaby, P Jitty
LIFE!, happiness, smilin', catnip, all my lady friends (kisses!), foil ball toy, playin' w/brothahs, hangin' w/posse, lovin' it with mama, zoomin' through the house, Elephant blankie, my Lion, helping others, and all my friends (!!!)
meanies. animal abusers. 'nuf said.
Favorite Foods
is catnip a food group?
Favorite Pastimes
Thursday night Catnip Par-tays!, goin' on adventures with my Crew, wrestlin' with my brothah, annoyin' my other brothah, purrin' all the time, snugglin' with mama, watchin' kitty videos.

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