Weekly Winner

Meet Jypsy

The Maine Coon Manx
Jann Wherever my staff person lives.

I adopted my staff person about 8 years ago after being dumped out by where she once worked. I was skin and bones, but had managed to still be sweet. More of a kitten really, and I wasn't afrraid of anything - even being picked up by a stranger and taken inside an office building to stay out of the way of some big ol' 18 wheelers. My staff person is allergic to cats, but I guess I made a good impression - she kept me. She says I am the light of her life; I make her laugh every single

Um, I think I'm almost 8 years old
'Goofball', 'Jypsy Creamcheese', 'Sweetie Pie'.
My favorite toys are a milk bottle cap, two shoelaces tied together and dragged through the house by my staff person, and outside I like to chase my favorite stick.
Baths and loud noises when I'm outside. I pretty much like everything else
Favorite Foods
I'm on a restricted prescription diet, although my staff person occasionally will slip me tiny little tidbits of cheese.
Favorite Pastimes
Is this a trick question? Sleeping, of course! Oh, and eating.

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