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Meet K.Malachi James

The Bombay
Jody Tucker Phoenix

K.Malachi was crowned King of the Feline Empire on CatChannel as the November 2013 Topaz King.  He is eleven years old and in very good health.  He likes his Mama's black afghan, his Kickeroo, and his catnip toys.  His favourite food is Friskies Ocean Whitefish & Tuna Pate.  He is an only cat and an indoor cat.  He is very involved in several cat sites for blogging and forums.   He is a Daddy's boy for sure.  Vote Malachi!

CatDog, GiGi, Lik-Lik & Mali
The black afghan, the Kickeroo and his catnip toys.
Loud noises, dogs barking and rap music.
Favorite Foods
Friskies Ocean Whitefish and Tuna Pate
Favorite Pastimes
Sitting in the window watching the birdies take a dust bath, curling up in the sink.

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