Weekly Winner

Meet Kekoa jinx

Mummy (joy Stovall) Lisle

My mummy says I'm six month old and I was semi feral. I have four awesome brothers Houdini Frankie Hudson and hunter. I am do great since mom decide to keep me. See she was only supposed to foster me. But what can I say I charmed her. I love to cuddle with Frankie and my mummy. My mummy can hear me purer in like a motor she says. My big brother are teaching me my cat manners. I would love to be cat of week in honor of all the Ferals and strays.  

6 months
Keek jinxy
Noms cuddling with mummy treats my toys with bells and ping pong balls
When mummy goes to work. When my brother sleep and not play with me and when I fall in tub with water in it
Favorite Foods
Wellness cat treats wet food( my favorite ) purina smart blend
Favorite Pastimes
Playing with brothers chasing hunter jumping in mummy

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