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Meet Kiwi – The Special Needs Kitty

The DSH Manx
Heather Salem

Kiwi was born with Manx Syndrome and was dumped by the side of the road, alone, lost and only about 6 weeks old. She was found and brought to our local no-kill shelter on 7/29/2013 and once I saw her I just couldn't let her be rejected yet again.

Kiwi has no tail what-so-ever, she is what is considered a "Rumpy". These kitties are known for having many neurological issues with their back ends because of the deformity of losing the last few vertebra that make up the tail. Many of these kitties have trouble controlling their back legs, bladders & bowels.

Kiwi has full control of her hind legs, but doesn't have much over her bladder or bowels. She doesn't even realize when she has to go potty. She is still very young and some have told me that she could improve..... could is the operative word. :O)

As long as she remains in good health and her quality of life is good, then she will live with me & my husband for the rest of her life. She will also share the home with a merry band of four legged fuzzies.

I am being realistic, I know she may have a shortened life, I know that this is going to be a lot of work. I am ready for this, I am deeply involved with our local no-kill cat only rescue. I foster kittens, so I am used to messes. I am always cleaning up after these little ones, so why not pick up after a kitty that can't help how she was born. it is not Kiwi's fault, nor should she be condemned because of it.

Like I said, as long as she is healthy and not suffering in any way she will live out her days with me, however long God determines that will be.

Join us in our adventures of learning about this sweet girl and caring for her. I will also share the adventures of the other kitties in the home (owned and fosters). I am hoping that this page will be a place where we can all share and learn about Special Needs Kitties, especially those with Manx Syndrome.

You can follow Kiwi on Facebook "Kisses for Kiwi"


~Heather >^..^<

11 Weeks
Wee, Kiwi Wee Wee
Toys, having her photo taken, Tayzer her boyfriend, Snuggles, the other kitties in the house, her Facebook Family!
Bath time & getting her bum medicated. Being ignored because she is the center of the world.
Favorite Foods
Favorite Pastimes
Sleeping in the sun & cuddling with momma

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