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Meet Lucky

The Domestic Short Hair
Kaitlyn Phoenix

Lucky came to us after she was rescued from a storm drain. She had a really bad eye infection that actually healed up quite well! But at about 3 and a half months old her eye got another ulcer on it that caused her iris to prolapse and two days before we had enucleation surgery booked her eye sadly ruptured! A trip to the emergency vets and a stressful two weeks for her mommy helped assure Lucky that she'll never have eye pain, eye drops, or silly oral medicine for her eye problems again! She currently still has her stitches in but she gets them out tomorrow! But she's still beautiful whether she has two eyes or one!


Check out http://www.facebook.com/pages/Lucky-the-one-eyed-kitten/156396141175400 for a ton more pictures of Lucky!:)

4 months
Playing, biting your fingers while you sleep, eating wet food, laying by your feet if you have a personal heater on, getting her neck scratched, doing awesome flips trying to catch those elusive toys
Water (obviously!), getting eye drops, not being able to play/annoy her older brothers
Favorite Foods
Blue Buffalo, or anything wet
Favorite Pastimes
Sleeping, playing, scratching at the e-collars

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