Weekly Winner

Meet Maggie the Kitten with New Eyelids

The Domestic Short Hair
Devan McCarroll Saint Clair Shores, MI

Maggie was found in a dumpster when she was only a week old.  We found out a week later that she had NO eyelids! Her Mom and Aunt Nikki started a facebook page to raise money for her surgeries and has since had 3 surgeries to create New Eyelids!

She now uses her facebook page to share her antics with her sisfur Beyonce and raise money or share stories of other cats in need.



1 1/2
Mags, Maggers, MagMag
cat nip toys, sitting on moms chest, licking dads head, her dogs!
those pesky squirrels outside that she cannot get to!
Favorite Foods
her crunchy treats, tops of bread, her night time can of food that she shares with her sisfur!
Favorite Pastimes
Saying hello to people that walk by our house, reading with mom, updating her facebook!

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