Weekly Winner

Meet Marten

The Domestic Shorthair
Erin Rich

My name is Marten. I'm a happy black cat living near the Monterey Bay.

You can find me on Facebook and Instagram (@peculiarpanther)! With so much negativity being thrown at humans, my favorite thing to do on my pages is make people smile. I like to think of myself as an ambassador of happiness!

I also hope to show people how great black cats are! Superstitions about black animals persist, and I'm here to show people they are unwarranted. Black cats are good luck!

Squeak, Weasel, Monkeycat, Baby Boy, Butt Cat
Food, toys, biting and/or eating things, treats
Not being allowed to bite or eat things, loud people
Favorite Foods
The hearts of my enemies. Just kidding. Raw chicken hearts. I guess chickens could be considered my enemies.
Favorite Pastimes
Annoying my sister, getting into trouble, sleeping on laps, photo shoots (equals treats!)

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