Weekly Winner

Meet Mary Margaret

The Tabby
Amy Grenade Denver, CO

Mary Margaret is a blind cat rescued from the streets of Nebraska (by York Adopt a Pet).   She still has her eyes, (unlike some blind cats where they get removed) and we believe can see shadows, but for the most part goes by scent and touch.  She jumps on higher surfaces than my seeing cats and is pretty shy until she gets to know your voice and scent.  She is the best snuggler i've ever had!  And would rather sleep on my chest than beside me. ;-)

SISTER Mary Margaret or Crazy Lady
Gentle pets on the head, and bedtime with mom
To be held for too long -- She likes her paws planted to the ground.
Favorite Foods
Soft Food Only - any flavor! (she had most of her teeth removed because of decay)
Favorite Pastimes
Snuggling with mom at night, hanging out in the bathtub, climbing kitchen cabinets

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