Weekly Winner

Meet MimmyJoe

The Persian
Lori Choman Auburn, GA

MimmyJoe is my senior white Persian. She went to the Bridge on 6/17/2014 living to be 21. She was a survivor. She had seizures, a heart murmur and was poisoned by a flea medicine. But she was still there to yell for breakfast, lunch and dinner. She loved her weekly spa treatments and all the attention she got. Her favorite things in the world were snuggling with her teddy and hanging out with the family. She is greatly missed by her family and all her friends.

Sleeping, her teddy, hanging out with the family, sleeping in her special made window seat.
Mondays, cold days
Favorite Foods
Her special food that Mom makes called "MimmyJoe Mush"
Favorite Pastimes
Watching the feral cats outside her window

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