Weekly Winner

Meet Moet

The Persian
Emily Muscat, Oman

Moet spent the first year of her life in a pet shop cage and due to neglect, she went blind during the early months of her life there. She was rescued from the shop in a bad state, taken to a wonderful local vets and had her decaying eyes removed to save her life. Her mum was at the vets buying supplies for her first rescue, saw her and fell in love.

Moet is an incredibly spirited, happy and adventurous girl who makes everybody around her smile. She's an amazing survivor!

Feather wand toys, crinkle balls, carrying her toys to bed at night!
The vet. Being bored.
Favorite Foods
Chicken, fresh steak, anything that mum is eating!
Favorite Pastimes
Playing, jumping at random things, being feisty with her fur-sisters.

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