Weekly Winner

Meet Molly

The Polydactyl Maine Coon mix
Summer Anderson San Marcos

Molly is the most loving and patient cat that has ever walked this earth.  She does not know any strangers, they are all immediate friends.  People who say they do not like cats before coming over, want to come back and visit with her when they leave. She uses her extra toes to turn on ceiling fans, lights, to grasp straws from drinks, and fingers. Molly's little brother is blind and when I adopted him, they were bonded from day one. 

1 1/2 years
Molly Polly
Her adopted brother, McGoo. Taking bathes and playing in the water. Playing fetch, with her stuffed cow, and sleeping with her Mum and brother.
Being brushed, wet food. Human food.
Favorite Foods
Nutro chicken, dried shrimp and tuna.
Favorite Pastimes
Sleeping, grooming her Mum and McGoo

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