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Meet Mr No Ears

The Shorthair
Formerly Amigos dos Gatos do Algarve prior to crossing Rainbow Bridge Albufeira,Portugal

Mr No Ears was a colony cat leader cared for by Amigos Dos Gatos do Algarve in Albufeira,Portugal.He achieved many thousands of friends with his internet fame.September 11,2015,he was abducted by 2 people who kept him captive away from his beloved family without giving him proper care.They had him put to sleep without ever seeing his home or family before his death in July 2016.Mr No Ears will always be The Lion King of Albufeira.You are forever loved around the world sweet prince.

Would have been 6 years old October 4,2016
The Lion King of Albufeira
Sunbathing,running the beach with the seagulls,climbing the cliffs
Animal cruelty!!!!!
Favorite Foods
Favorite Pastimes
eating ham,playing with his family,sitting on his throne above Peneco Beach

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