Weekly Winner

Meet Mr. Peabody

The Domestic Short Hair/Doggie Cat
Shannon Claire Puglia Winslow Township, New Jersey

I was a tiny little feral kitten, born on the grounds of Veterans' Haven Transitional Housing Program, a program for homeless veterans. I was found by a former client of my Meowmy, who had just helped her bury her oldest kitty, Tequila Marie, age 21. Meowmy had just retired due to a serious illness, and Tony, who found me thought she might want me, so he called her, and she said okay, and Tony brought me to my new home in the saddle bag of his motorcycle! And I've lived happily ever after, the first of my line to become civilized. Mew!

4 years on the 4th of July
Catnip & my Fiancee, Princess.
Animal Abusers and Mean People
Favorite Foods
Tuna, Bacon, Pancakes, iced cream, cheese cake
Favorite Pastimes
Watching all the birds and squirrles out my windows, and trying to help less fortunate kitties via my Facebook page!

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