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Meet Naddie

Holly Abbandonato Unknown

Nathalie (aka Naddie or Bulldog Cat) was rescued from the Fredericton SPCA this spring. She and her sister caught my eye as I was coming in for my usual volunteer routine of cleaning the cages and feeding the cats their breakfast.  She was is in the back corner of the room, and when I made my way over to her I noticed that her meow was silent. Once I got her out of the cage, all she wanted to do was be in my arms. After cuddling her, I put her back in her cage, but the look she kept givi

Nat, Bulldog cat
Suckling sheets in the morning and she adores any kind of string
Being in high places
Favorite Foods
Loves chunks in gravy and her freeze dried lung treats
Favorite Pastimes
Honking at her toys and eating!

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