Weekly Winner

Meet Nonny

The domestic long hair
Ann Warman Princeport, Nova Scotia, Canada

Nonny is an affectionate orange boy with long, fluffy fur.  I adopted him as a kitten about 4 years ago.  He loves to be brushed and petted.  When I start getting ready for bed, he knows the routine and comes up and plops down on the pillow beside mine.  Nonny can fall asleep anywhere and has been known to suddenly just lie down and have a nap while walking across the lawn!  He can usually be found sitting under a spruce tree, watching the birds at the feeders; and happily, he doesn't try to catch them.  He's a lovely cat and was a nice addition to my feline family.

Fuzzy Non or Non
cat treats, chasing a piece of rope that I pull, being brushed
his brother, having his nails cut, getting wet
Favorite Foods
a treat of chicken or turkey
Favorite Pastimes
watching the birds at the feeders, sleeping

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