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Meet Norrington

The Domestic Shorthair
Leigh Ann Richardson Columbus

Hi.My name is Norrington.My mommy drove from Columbus,Ohio to Noblesville,Indiana to adopt me from the Humane Society of Hamilton County.I lived on the street before,and have some battle scars.My left eye had to be removed(don't know if it was a fight or cruel human).I was skeleton skinny,but gained weight(and I'm told I look good).I am also FIV + whether from birth or a fight..My mommy loves me to the moon & back.I crossed OTRB 6-27-16 after having the best life.

9 years
Tuna,napping,snuggling with mommy
Favorite Foods
4 Health canned cat food(Turkey and Salmon is my favorite),TUNA
Favorite Pastimes
eating and napping

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