Weekly Winner

Meet Opie

The Orange Tabby
Sandy Bogert Mueller Huntington Beach, CA

HI! I'm a crazy ginger cat named Opie. I live in Huntington Beach, California. My human adopted me after my previous human decided she didn't want me anymore but my human explained to me that I was regifted. I think I rescued my human just in time. This photo was taken on my first day home with her.  I keep her entertained every day with my silly antics and she even had a book published with silly captioned photos of me and my adopted lil sis Daisy, my partner in crime.

4 years old
Foot massages, ear rubs, my fluffy ball, tuna juice, my sis Daisy.
The loud obnoxious machine called the vacuum.
Favorite Foods
Chicken, tuna and peas. I love peas.
Favorite Pastimes
Hangin' out with my human.

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