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Meet Pfeffernusse

The Siamese
Amelia Kitchener

Pfeffernusse's beautiful chocolate torti points inspired us to name her after the German pfeffernusse cookie. She was rescued from a cat hoarder when she was nine months old, and struggled with several health issues as a kitten and young cat because of the conditions she was born into. Today she is six years old, with the energy of a six month old kitten. She is also quite tiny - barely seven pounds, and super compact - causing people meeting her for the first time to think she's still just a baby!  She fetches better than any dog - often running and jumping to catch the most challenging throws mid-air. She has taught herself to open every door in our house, enjoys riding around on her mother's shoulder, and runs to greet anyone and everyone who comes to our door. She's incredibly loyal, intelligent and playful, even by siamese standards. The only thing she won't do is pose for me when I want to take her picture, though it seems our cat sitter was able to overcome this barrier when he took this amazing shot of her mid-fetch game while we were on vacation. 

about 6 years
Pfeffer, Lady
blackberry ring tones, perching on shoulders, dipping her tail in bath water
closed doors, having her nails clipped
Favorite Foods
Anything with duck. Paws down.
Favorite Pastimes
fetching, sitting at windows, taunting the neighbor dog

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