Weekly Winner

Meet Pichur Breeze van het Celeborn

The Oriental Longhair/Mandarin
Esther Ran Leutingewolde, Netherlands

This is Pichur, the love of my life for the last 10 years. He has been a studtom but when he was castrated he came to live with me and has been the kindest, sweetest cat ever. He's adopted 3 kittens into this household and sleeps and cuddles with all of them as a surrogate mom.

I've just been told he does not have much time anymore since he only has 1 functioning kidney left and that has growths in it, but we're taking every day as we can. I love my boy.

Pichu, Pichukke, Pushkin
Anything with feathers
cold and wet
Favorite Foods
anything poultry
Favorite Pastimes
sleeping in front of woodburner, snuggling

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