Weekly Winner

Meet Pippin

The Ginger
Mike & Patty Mastic, NY

This is Pippin. He was born in our backyard on May 3 2011. He came to his forever home that August. He was named after the character of Pippin from The Lord of The Rings story. Pippin loves attention, headbonks and cuddles is Pippin. He lives with his extended kitty family, all rescues. He has adapted so well to being in his forever home and has his own Facebook page-The Daily Pippin-where he has adventures and helps to bring awarness to others needing help.

3yrs 9 months
Pippy, Nosey, Prince, Trouble Maker
Anything that rolls, boxes, chin scratches and looking out the window
Vacumn cleaner
Favorite Foods
Turkey, bacon, milk,
Favorite Pastimes
Looking out the window, having adventures with his friends on Facebook and helping his daddy make coffee

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