Weekly Winner

Meet Ranger

The Alpine Lynx
Shelburne McGovern Columbia, SC we think
Ranger is man's best friend. He thinks he is a dog and a person. By far Ranger is the most personable cat I've ever met. He greets visitors at the door and snuggle as close to your face as possible. Ranger has lots to say with meows and lots of chirping. He knocks on the bedroom doorknob when it's time for us to wake up. Unfortunately he doesn't have opposeable thumbs so he can't quite get it. Ranger is a BIG 22 lb ball of love.
Rude Ranger, Rabbit, Ranger Danger, The Hugger, snuggle bug, purr ball
love glove, snuggles, food, visitors, people!, belly rubs
other cats, car ride to and from the vet, waiting on feeding time for too long, peas in some of the HALO food
Favorite Foods
Wellness, Halo Spots Stew - turkey or chicken
Favorite Pastimes
napping anywhere, running around the house, playing hide and seek, snuggling with his people

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