Weekly Winner

Meet Reven

The Maine Coon Mix
Carrie Foster Mitchell, Indiana

Reven was a feral kitten who was attacked by a coyote or wild dog in August 2012. He survived his ordeal and came out with no severe long term issues. He did suffer a broken jaw, and two puncture wounds, one to his left ear/jaw line and one to his right forelimb underarm skin. His broken jaw required him to lose both lower fangs but you can't tell unless he leans back. He eats just fine, and has grown up to be a healthy happy fluffy kitty.

2.25 years
Doodlebutt, Doodles, Fluffypants
Cheese, sleeping on dad's desk, sunbeams, treats, belly rubs
Dogs, outside, being woken up
Favorite Foods
Cheese, Butter, Purina Healthy Weight or Indoor formula foods, treats
Favorite Pastimes
Giving kisses, bathing other cats, chasing string, chasing his sister Åska

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