Weekly Winner

Meet Rockett

The Orange Tabby
JJ and Care West Philadelphia, PA

As a kitten two humans, Anthony & Brianne, rescued me from the streets of West Philly. Having Feline Leukemia they were unable to keep me with their other two cats. Then their friend, this awesome human, JJ, decided to adopt me and take me to his home where I met this other incredible human, Care. Now, I have an awesome home and battle FeLV like it's NBD!

Check out more of his pics at www.purrfecttales.com

1 year, 1 month.
Rockett Monster, Rock, Rocko, Rock Rock, Rocky
Vacuums, Sunshine rays, bumps, broom bristles, swiffer mop, small bugs, Princess Pony (my best friend), sinks, water guns, watching TV, cardboard, rubberbands,feet, wall ball, cat brush, cool breezes
tape or stickers stuck to my paws, being alone, being woken up, loud noises that come from no where, ghosts, people whistling
Favorite Foods
Please no pate cat food everything else sounds good to me :)
Favorite Pastimes
Hanging out in the fridge or the window sill

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