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Meet Scooter

The Manx
Laurie Mansfield Lawton, OK

Scooter was born with badly mangled back legs, but that's never slowed him down! He has no control over his bowels or bladder so he has to wear diapers when he's out and about. On September 25th, he had to have one of his back legs amputated. He was home the same day and acting like nothing had happened! As a result, he's now trying to use the other back leg! A true miracle! He was turned in to the Humane Society and found his way to our home and into our hearts and into the hearts of hundreds now, thanks to his brother, Gemini's, Facebook page! (www.facebook.com/geminites) He acts like any other kitten. He enjoys playing and romping and running and CLIMBING! With his weakened back end, his front end has more than made up for the problem. He has no problem climbing the tallest obstacles, pulling himself up using his front legs. He can climb a cat tree in a matter of seconds, scaring his mamas to death! NOTHING is going to slow this little guy down!

3 months
Cuddling, tuna, dangling toys, his brother Spike
Diaper changes!
Favorite Foods
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Cuddling with not-da-amama

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