Weekly Winner

Meet Sebastian The Cool Cat

The Unknown
I call her Human. <3 KittyLand

Hello, amazing fans. My Human rescued me as a stray cat. The first time she let me in her house, I did not want back out. <3 I would appreciate it so much if you voted for me. My #1 Goal is to win Modern Cat's Photo Contest. Thank you. <3


Also, check out my Facebook page, thank you. I  post once a day, sometimes once every other day. 


Baby, Cutie and many other things. <3
Toys, Clothes, Bathes and Catnip.
Fancy Feast and Canned Tuna.
Favorite Foods
Friskies, Temptation Treats and Vegetable Soup.
Favorite Pastimes
Napping, Getting Snuggles, Playing Hide And Seek, and Chasing Chipmunks.

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