Weekly Winner

Meet Sid

The Domestic Short Hair
Lydia Michigan

Sid was born without eyelids and dumped in a trash can when he was a kitten. Luckily, he was rescued by MEOW in Kirkland, WA and underwent 3 surgeries to fix his eyelids.  He was adopted but returned because he peed outside the box. Then he at 6 years old, he was sent to live at a sanctuary in Utah where he lived for 9 years.  I met him 2 years ago when he was about 15 and adopted him. Now he lives in Michigan. He was diagnosed as diabetic along with IBD, small cell lymphoma (stomach), and chronic renal failure. He has a lot going on in a little 6 pound body and he  undergoes several medicines and treatments everyday like a brave little champ. We are celebrating 17 months of chemo treatment for his lymphoma. Though his eyes are severely damaged from years of not receiving eye drops to lubricate, he can see pretty well. He enjoys his dried fish treats (that hide his pills), sleeping in the sun, playing with his cat mates, and getting lots of love and cuddles.

Sidney, Scrambler
belly rubs, dried fish treats, chin scratches
getting his subQ fluids, being picked up
Favorite Foods
white cheddar cheese!
Favorite Pastimes

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