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Meet Simon Mao a.k.a. “Mao Mao” & Athena a.k.a. “Butt Nose”

Eunice Ng Erie, PA

Mao Mao & Butt Nose (I realize Butt Nose's name may be a bit offensive, but it's very difficult to call her by her given name) were my first two kitties, adopted from the Humane Society I was working at while in college.  Considering I'm severely allergic to cats, taking on one kitten (let alone two) was a major decision; the intention was for both of them to be "temporary" until I could find them new homes.  Mao Mao came first; he was abandoned by his mother & needed bottle feeding (I even snuck him into class w/ me a few times).  Butt Nose came soon after; one of my co-workers asked me to examine her face -- which turned out to be a deformity something equivalent to a cleft lip/palate in people.  I loved her from the moment I saw her, deformity & all...it gives her quite a lot of character.  That was 12 years ago & they obviously became permanent.  Mao Mao & Butt Nose are still best friends  <3  Update:  Mao Mao survived an unusual case of methemoglobinemia 12/12 & Butt Nose was recently diagnosed w/ lymphoma 9/13.

12 years
Mao Mao & Butt Nose

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