Weekly Winner

Meet Simon

The Ragdoll
Donna Abrams Lafayette, NJ

Simon is a 1  1/2 yr old Ragdoll that I adopted from a rescue when he was 3 months old. They saved him from a high kill shelter in Georgia. His favorite thing to do is carry his play mice around in his mouth, then take them and "hide" them under the fridge or the stove. He loves watching the birds out the window and sleeping in the sunbeams. He loves his older brother and his two older sisters and shows them all the time with headbutts.

1 1/2 year
Simon the pieman, munchkin
furry mice, watching the birds and squirrels, eating things he shouldn't.
This boy loves everything.
Favorite Foods
Temptations cat treats and Greenies. (Any flavor)
Favorite Pastimes
laying in the sun

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