Weekly Winner

Meet Socks McFurry

The Domestic shorthair
Amelia Greene Lawndale, NC
My name is Socks McFurry. I had been with my humans for 5 years, when suddenly they took me to an animal shelter and left me with nothing but my first name. It was my day to be "put down" and my new mom walked through the door. I hid under the bed the first two weeks, but I'm very happy to be here now! I love treats and I don't meow, I squeak! I would ask everyone who needs a cat to please adopt an older cat from a shelter.
Socksy. Baby Socks. McFurry.
Treats, tuna juice, catnip, mouse on a wand, jingle ball.
Being petted on the belly, other cats hogging my food dish, visiting the vet.
Favorite Foods
Friskies Seafood Medley and Temptations treats.
Favorite Pastimes
Napping with mom, chasing my fur siblings, playing with my toys, getting head and neck rubs from mom.

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