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Meet Spangles

The Siamese Mix
Mary Upstate, sc

Spangles is my cross eyed kitty who loves to dress up in hats and costumes! He was born on July 4th, so that's how I come up with his name. He's very lazy but loves to play on his giant cat stand, go outside with his Mama, snuggle on her lap, and drink out of the faucet. Spangles is very nosey like most kitties and a couple years ago he got into the fishing rods. He got a giant catfish hook caught in his eye! Luckily it just went through his eyelid, and nothing majorly bad was caused by it. Spangles will be 4 this July and he can see normally. He never runs into things...only when he runs too fast and doesn't look where he's going of course.  Facebook.com/spangles09

Little man
Snuggling, bird watching, being lazy, dressing up in costumes.
Human food, cat treats.
Favorite Foods
Favorite Pastimes
Going outside on his harness

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