Weekly Winner

Meet Squeaky

The Calico
Karen Windsor Ontario, Canada

Squeaky is a rescue I saved off the streets in the year 2000. She fit in my hands. I put her in a box and she broke out and sat an the arm rest in the car like a boss... all the way to her furever home.She is a tiny little girl that plays at the drop of a hat... and is still the boss 16 years later. 

Sneaky Squeaky, Little Monkey
Demands the tub tap turned on to drink ~ Her wicker chair ~ Treats ~ Manny peddi day ~
Her back legs & stomach touched, me leaving the house.. gives me " the look "
Favorite Foods
Hills ID Digestive Care & Fancy Feast at 8:15 A.M.
Favorite Pastimes
Playing mouse with Mama, sleeping on my lap, taking her little running fits

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