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Meet Stevie, the Fabulous Blind Wonder Kitty

The Domestic shorthair/rescue
Cindy Folks Lester Malden, MO

Stevie was rescued from the street in front of my house. He is totally blind and the vet thinks he was born that way or had trauma when very young. His best friend is our rescued lab/pit mix Willie; they are together 24/7 which is why Willie is alkso in the picture. Stevie has never met a stranger and is absolutely fearless. He occasionally runs into things when he gets very excited but for the most part does quite well in our home.
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1 year
Stevie, Stevie Wonder
Dogs, people, food
Our other 3 cats
Favorite Foods
Pretty much anything and everything
Favorite Pastimes
Eating, relaxing on his blanet and playing with Willie

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