Weekly Winner

Meet Summer

The Domestic Short-haired
Makayla Kuna

Summer is a very sweet and playful little Torti. Surprisingly, although most cats of her coloring are usually fiesty and unpredictable, Summer is one of the sweetest felines you will ever meet. We call her our little "chirruper" because she has never fully learned to meow, only lets out small little squeaks or "chirrups" on occasion. More like a baby than a cat, Summer won her way into my heart in an instant. I went into work and saw that we had free kittens in the back; one look at her and I was sold. We've been in love ever since. 

6 months
Summerly, Summer Cat,
People, napping in your arms, playing with the dogs, tummy rubs
Being alone
Favorite Foods
Dog food (HAHA!)
Favorite Pastimes
Tormenting our older Calico, Harley.

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