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Meet Super Hero The Hydrocephalic Cat

Lisa Gary Jones Edison, NJ

Super Hero The Hydrocephalic Cat is one of a few cats in the world that has almost no brain, only a working brainstem, due to severe Hydrocephalus (his head is all fluid)!  He just underwent a 2 hr brain surgery to implant a shunt that will drain some excess fluid!  He's doing awesome & acts like a normal cat, running, playing & meowing for constant attention!  

He is a one of a kind medical miracle!


1 1/2 (going to be 2 on 6/9) www.facebook.com/SuperHeroTheHydrocephalicCat
Super Hero, Stuper Hero, Silly Boy, Handsome, My Buddy
Sleeping with Mommy, Turbo Track, Catnip Chirping Bird, Cat Condo,
Lots of Kisses, the Camera, getting his face washed, anything Turkey flavored
Favorite Foods
Chicken, Tuna, Salmon, Sole, Flounder all with Veggies, Rice or Pasta
Favorite Pastimes
Sleeping on the bed, lounging with his 11 feline and canine brothers and sisters, esp Mr Milo who has Cerebellar Hypoplasia and Trixie who is deaf!

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