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Meet Tabby Hunter Chapman

The Domestic Tabby
Diane Guilliams Nashville, TN

This is an unusual entry.  Tabby Hunter Chapman is 3 years old now.  He loves his fur brothers and fur sisters, and he likes it when I sing to him.

Tabby Hunter Chapman was traveling with me and his fur brothers and sisters this week (7/25) to our new home in Nashville, TN.  While loading him in the car in a Day's Inn in Clarksville, Arkansas, Tabby jumped out of my arms and ran away.  I searched feverishly but I had to continue the journey and think of my other fur kids.  We have a whole bunch of people searching but I wanted to honor my baby with an entry hoping to make Cat of the Week because he is a great, loveable, affectionate boy who I am heartbroken to not have him with me.  I know we will be reunited with our band of angels, but I wanted to share Tabby's story.  He deserves that because he doesn't deserve to be out in the wilderness by himself.  Praying he returns home but this is my way of honoring him and putting it into the universe that I love him and long for us to be reunited.

3 years old
Tabby Tab
Crunchie treats, sparkly balls,and terrorizing his older fur brother, Stockon
Any time Mommy is working and he wants lap time.
Favorite Foods
Pounce Crunchie Treats and Fancy Feast
Favorite Pastimes
Head bonks, chasing his fur brother, Stockton, and talking.

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