Weekly Winner

Meet Thori

The Maine Coon/European Shorthair
Marion Singen

Thori´s been born on July, the 30th of 2007, I adopted him on May, the 27th of 2013 from private, he lives together with Gizzy and Sisi, Thori can open the refrigerator door even if a 10-litres bucket´s standing in front of it. And he can make "please, please", he sits on his butt then and rows with his front legs, too funny!

almost 9
Stöpsel (plug), Thorilein
playing, cuddling, his friends Gizzy & Sisi
to be set on diet because he´s too heavy, haha - diet´s been successful!!!
Favorite Foods
wet and dry food, poultry, fish
Favorite Pastimes
sitting on the balcony, stealing "mummy"´s pillow

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