Weekly Winner

Meet Tiffany

The Domestic Long Hair
Kirstie Bristol, RI

Tiffany is a calico princess who was born a feral kitten with 16 other cousins, brothers, and sisters. She was adopted from the Bristol Animal Shelter after being tamed. She now lives a life of luxury with her 5 other kitty siblings. She enjoys pawdicures, baths, and dressing up. Her favorite color is pink! She is a local celebrity. She has also been featured by "The Paw Project". Please check out her facebook page: www.facebook.com/tiffanylechat

Tiff, Princessa, The Tiffinator
Pawdicures, Food, Bath Time, Dressing Up
The Vacuum, 4th of July fireworks/parade
Favorite Foods
Weruva Grandma's Chicken Soup Canned Food, Fromm Game Bird Dry Food
Favorite Pastimes

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