Weekly Winner

Meet tigger

The domestic medium hair / orange tabby
ashley stouffer normalville pa

tigger is a very sweet boy he loves when company comes he greets everyone he loves his dad he usaly sleeps till he comes home then he will go to him and meow to say hello then when his dad sits down he cuddles on his lap and at bed time he sleeps right next to or on him 2 he loves to  sleep , eat and play if there is crumbs in his bowl he will meow or run in front of my feet till i fill his bowl up he loves treats to he will even sit sometimes for one when tigger plays with his ball toys with bells in them he carrys it around in his mouth and meows

tiggy / tig /
people,other pets,food,treats,toys
when theres crumbs in his food bowl
Favorite Foods
meow mix
Favorite Pastimes
sleeping and playing

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